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Emotional Intelligence a High Priority on New List of Curated Information by Intellum.

What an honor to work with Intellum as the first guest curator in support of the development of their new learning initiative Catcat. A leading learning technology company, Intellum is a major innovator in the field of machine learning. The amazing Intellum team constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to improve the experience of learning as they work with Google, Facebook, AT&T and, others. 

Catcat. A new curated learning resource. Powered by Intellum.

My assignment was to initiate the pathway for Catcat content related to Emotional Intelligence. It was a privilege to be able to point readers to the important work of Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer. Visitors will also find references to the interesting writings of Daniel Goleman whose work significantly popularized and advanced the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

Thanks, Intellum! What a wonderful experience to have a small role in your initiative to make curated information easily accessible to all who seek it. My learning experience was amazing. 

I can’t wait to see what innovative things you create next. 

Michael Rose, Principal McMillan Rose LLC,

McMillan Rose uses Awareness to manage behavior and performance. Your Awareness is our business.

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