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Eight characteristics of high performing people and organizations.

Our recent effort to identify the key characteristics of top performers provided some interesting results. Using a three-pronged process to gather information, McMillan Rose identified and prioritized more than 125 characteristics associated with high performing people and organizations.

First, we prioritized the 32 characteristics we most frequently noted among the top performers we have encountered in our work of over more than four decades. Then we scoured hundreds of articles and publications to learn more about what others thought about the traits of top performers. Finally, we asked 25 highly regarded professionals from a variety of backgrounds their thoughts on the most important characteristics of top performing people and organizations.

The characteristics identified in each of three separate activities were recorded and numerically ranked by frequency of identification. The top eight characteristics identified in each of the three activities were then compared. The results were remarkably consistent.

‘Leadership, Awareness and Clarity were the most frequently identified characteristics of top performing individuals and organizations.’ 

The three characteristics ranked one, two and three in the findings of each of the respective activities.

Team and Agility were next in the ranking followed by Communication, Integrity, and Performance.

We believe that the results of the project provide valuable support for the importance of self-awareness in recognizing, applying and managing behaviors that have a significant impact on individual and organizational performance. The more we know about ourselves and our organizations the better we can apply the information in support of the behaviors that make a difference.

For additional information regarding the process, the results, or how increased awareness can benefit you and your organization please contact us via Linkedin or

At McMillan Rose, awareness is our business. We assist clients in developing their awareness to guide their behavior and performance.

Original content - McMillan Rose LLC. March 5, 2018

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