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Using Self-Awareness to Guide Behavior and Performance

Working with individuals, teams, and organizations to explore Awareness as a solution, and to achieve excellence in its application.

We define Awareness as knowing a lot about yourself and the people and things around you and using the information to manage your behavior and performance and the behavior and performance of others.

Among awareness related tools created by McMillan Rose:

Awareness Performance Index


The API measures and advances the capacity of an individual, team or organization to be highly cognizant of the characteristics, activities, and
that significantly influence success, and to use the
information to guide behavior and performance.


We explore and measure your current level of Awareness and your Awareness Capacity.  


We work with you to identify appropriate goals for your Awareness growth.


We support you as you apply and advance your Awareness plan.

How we use the API in support of your goals.


  • We Measure your Awareness.
    We start by taking a good look at you. Your current Awareness is the initial step to understanding
    your opportunities to transform individual and organizational behavior.


  • We explore your Awareness Capacity.
    We use our Awareness Capacity Influencers to project your capacity for growth. The Influencers
    represent the characteristics of top performing individuals and organizations essential to the
    successful integration of Awareness concepts in the guiding behavior and performance.


  • We Assist you to Create and Apply your Awareness Plan
    We assist you to select the Awareness Performance Goals right for you. We work with you to develop, implement and advance a plan for action.



What you can Expect from the API.

  • The integration of Awareness related behavior in support of performance

  • Consistency in the application of leadership and management competencies

  • Exceptional clarity 

  • A culture of continuous performance management

  • Engagement in the things that matter

  • A culture of progressive efficiency resulting in control of time, resources, performance and results

  • Ownership of “place and space” in the ‘market’

  • Presence. The power to influence and empower others.


The API is readily adaptable to the specific circumstances of an individual, team, or organization. It can be adjusted to address select characteristics, specific areas of need or opportunity, and overall behavior and performance.


We continuously study answers in order to know the right questions.

The API is a product of the experience, research, and acquired knowledge of McMillan Rose LLC. It is a practical approach to knowing yourself and appropriately applying what you know. The work is influenced by Reflective Thought/Critical Thinking, 360° feedback concepts, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Mindfulness, and People Science.  We spend a lot of time exploring and understanding the characteristics related to productive behavior and performance.

Michael Rose. Leader, Conversationalist, Facilitator

Michael’s business is people. 
His commitment is to success.

Portrait by Kevin Sprouls, 
creator of the Wall Street Journal 
portrait style. 

Anyone who knows Michael Rose recognizes that there is something unique about him. He has a talent for seeing things that others don’t. He has a sense for advancing the right opportunity at the right time. Throughout his career, Michael instinctively positioned his organizations to be in the right place when it mattered. 

Michael is widely known for the quality of his work and relationships. A mentor to many, his personable manner moderates a vigorous intensity for excellence. He believes he can learn as much from you as you can from him. He is committed to the idea of being better tomorrow than today. 


With C-suite experience including education, agency, and three major healthcare organizations, Michael has a broad understanding of what it takes to be successful. He is innovative, futuristic in his thinking and highly skilled in building relationships. His personal connections include domestic and international business leaders, real estate developers, professional sports figures, and world-class physicians. He understands what is required to position people and organizations for maximum success. 

Fascinated by graduate level exposure to reflective methods of counseling and subsequent encounters with 360° workplace evaluations, Michael’s natural curiosity about awareness was significantly enhanced by the emergence of Emotional Quotient/ Emotional Intelligence theories in in the mid-1990’s.


Benefiting from hundreds of conversations with successful people, Michael

complements his commitment to Awareness through learning from the experiences and observations of others. He knows that it’s no accident that the most successful people and organizations are also the most Aware. 

“When your entire business model is outwardly focused, introspection comes unnaturally. In two penetrating sessions, Michael helped us refine roles and clarify our value to diverse clients while instilling process improvements to position us for growth.

He has made what Belgrave Associates offers more valuable to

for-profits and not-for-profits alike.”


Bryan Downey, President, Belgrave Associates

The McMillan Rose Formula

Information  =   Awareness   =   Presence   =   Success


Years of Experience


Years of Success


Years of Creating Awareness and Presence

Additional McMillan Rose offerings include:

McRo Progressive Solutions,

McRoLook (A 90° review)
McRoView (A 180° exploration)
McRoViewPlus (A 270° detailed exploration)
McRoVision (A 360° audit)


McRo Signature Conversations,

Structured and unstructured discussion for individuals, teams, and boards


McRo Leadership Solutions,

For individuals, management teams and boards


McRo Awareness Presentations and Workshops.

Tailored Awareness related information and training   

McRo is the trademarked property of McMillan Rose, LLC.

The Awareness Performance Index (API) pending.

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